Comparison Induction light vs LED

Comparison programInduction Light (NF Lights)LED
Feature DefineLow Voltage Discharge Liner light. Good for large wattage application.Lighting Emit Diode
Spot light. Usually for signboard, decoration applications.
TechnologyResearch and develop in 2000, sell in 2003,in a position of new leading light source. Standardized product can fully meet the market need, suitable for large-scale production.The first red light LED was developed in 1968.Since then, it’s been 40 years. The first white light LED was in 1996.Invest risk high for technology update too fast. Not suitable for functional lighting project. The whole growing process is slow.
Market potentialNF Lights can replace most of conventional light sources in functional lighting fields, so its potential market is huge.LED has developed for many years, but limited to traffic signal, vehicle rear light, LCD panel back lighting, display in lower wattage because of the low light efficiency, low power factor, scarcity of accommodated fittings.
EconomyWith the development of large scale production, NF Lights cost will be lowered to the same level of traditional lights or even lower, then it will be widely used.High cost, difficult to be widely used in some fields, limited in certain market.
Energy savingInduction light efficiency is as 30% as higher than LED, with lower depreciation.Lower efficiency, lower power factor, high depreciation and heat output, not as saving as induction light. Semi-conductor technology consumes more energy during production.
ApplicationIndustrial, commercial, street, tunnel, bridge, garden, agriculture, Ad. …Traffic signal, vehicle rear lights, cell phone display screen etc. Limited in functional lighting projects.
ReferenceInduction lights has been widely used in various lighting projects. It is proved that induction light has big market potential, industrialization speed with scale effect.LED is drawn back by its technological problems. Probably another 5-10 years to go before it is industrialized and scaled.

Comparison Chart induction compared with HQL, HQI, LED

Connected load per luminaire500W400W300W150W
Amount of lamps100 St.100 St.100 St.100 St.
Connected load total50,00 kW40,00 kW30,00 kW15,00 kW
Energy cost 0,15/kWh at 14.500h/a33.75027.00020.25010.125
Saving vs. HQL lamps6.75013.50023.625
Lifespan20.000 h12.000 h50.000 h> 100.000 h
Amount of Maintenance p.a.0,230,380,090
Induction and LED technology have only a total connected load
"A power reduction when using the induction or LED technology is an optimized luminous efficiency of visible light reaches (Pupll lumens).
HPL (high vapor lamp)
MHL (Metal halide lamp)