Dimming & Control Systems

New Future Lights induction lamp dimming & control system

Adopt the advanced streetlights wireless control intelligent management system

  • can implement unified opening and closing of the lamps in the city,
  • realize real-time monitoring and management of the nights lighting,
  • system ensure the efficient and stable,
  • all-weather operation
  • control, unnecessary “whole night light”, save power consumption effectively.

For urban public lighting systems, by means of intelligent management system..

  • achieve energy saving,
  • reduce resource waste,
  • satisfies the requirement of people’s life
  1. Automatic survey functions: system center automatically patrol each street lamp switch state.
  2. Data acquisition function: current voltage, power, power factor and other data
  3. Energy saving assessment: convenient customer for active power, reactive power calculation, digital foundation for energy saving assessment
  4. Control function: system center can switch any street lamp or custom group of street lamp switch
  5. Automatic control function: the scene according to predefined time automatically adjust the switch time
  6. Alarm function: Prevention alarm instead of the past type of patrol maintenance alarm, then System center can get first-hand information to scheduling and coordination. After the failure occurs, the system center can accurately obtain the location of the trouble light information, the staff can arrived on the scene in the shortest time to maintain. Through the acquisition of power line current, voltage, notification system center, thus security processing.
  7. Display function: can based on GIS electronic map display each street lamp switch state and other important information
  8. Data storage function: For street lamp installation time, place, operation parameters, working time etc. which users concerned to record and store.
  9. Data query functions: system center can via the Internet query arbitrary time period each street lamp data information.
  10. Reporting functions: can generate curves and reports about electric current, voltage, power factor, rate of lights, the analysis of the switching time .
  11. Remote maintenance functions: network maintenance, control module with remote parameter setting and maintenance functions.
  12. Expand functions: such as dimming control, cooperate with the NF-Lights induction lamps to adjust light brightness, under the premise that does not affect the lighting, achieve the maximum energy saving effect.